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SC Emerging Artist Series: Emily Furr

Special Exhibits Gallery

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Exhibit Description: A new SOUTH CAROLINA EMERGING ARTIST series kicks off at The Arts Center of Greenwood in 2017 with young artist, Emily Furr, of Charleston, South Carolina. The exhibit highlights a series of contemporary portraits with 7 oil paintings on canvas and 3 mixed media works utilizing embroidery hoops. The exhibit is on display until May 26th, 2017 in the special exhibits gallery at The Arts Center of Greenwood. 

Artist Biography: Emily Furr was raised in Charleston, South Carolina, where she developed a passion for creating art. She recently earned a BFA from Winthrop University, specializing in painting and drawing. She continues to work primarily in the areas of painting and drawing, while she completes coursework for an Arts Administration Certificate before attending a graduate program in 2018 to earn her MFA.

Artist Statement: The majority of my work involves some sort of portraiture. My interest in portraiture began with an exploration of depth with color, beginning in still lives and then more prominently in portraits. I became attached to the process of painting people. The paintings became translations of how I see my subject and in turn how that is rendered in paint. I recently began incorporating patterns and fabric to create portraits that go past just painting a face. I choose colors, patterns and fabrics based on what I know about the subject. Experimenting with fabric led me to embroidery and how textiles and thread could be incorporated with the paint. I found correlations in creating a portrait with embroidery in comparison to a portrait in paint. Combining the painting with embroidery is a satisfying conglomerate of two media. The combination created a new style and depth within my portraits.

Artist Website: 

Exhibit Duration: April 10 - May 26, 2017

Exhibit Admission: OPEN TO THE COMMUNITY | Business Hours: Mon-Fri (10 am-5 pm) / Sat (9:30 am-1:30 pm)

Exhibit Contact: Jennifer A. Smith,, 864.953.2462

Exhibit Reception: Thursday, May 11th @ 5:30 - 7:00 pm (FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC) - hors do'euvres and cash bar will provided