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A Children's Opera | The Three Little Pigs

Sponsored By: Keith Jameson


Event Description: The Arts Center welcomes back FBN Productions Inc., Children's Opera for a fun, operatic version of the story of "The Three Little Pigs" based on scenes from operas by W.A. Mozart on Saturday, April 27th @ 11:00 am! 

Event Sponsored By: Keith Jameson 

About The Opera: While brother pigs Don Giovanni and Cherubino set off to make homes of sticks and straw, their sister, Despina, goes to the library to read up on "huff-proof, puff-proof" home construction. After Wolfgang Bigbad blows down the boys' flimsy homes, they run to their sister's sturdy new brick house quite ready to admit that going to the library and reading books is a pretty smart thing to do after all! "If you fear a thing that's scary, just take your questions to the library"!

The opera will be performed by FBN Productions, Inc.'s professional artists. The performance will be followed up by a question-and-answer session with the singers

Ages: Ideal for pre-K - 5th Grade


About FBN Productions: The mission of FBN Productions is to promote music-drama as a synthesis of all disciplines of the human experience, for everyone from school children to senior citizens. Every civilization has sought to express itself in song, word, movement and picture. This total experience has been separated into the concentrations we study in the classroom: history, language, mythology, science, physical education and the arts. Students rarely have the opportunity to witness what they study combined in a live, interactive format. Opera is the one medium that combines these elements to touch all of the human condition. It can touch your students. It can be part of their education. FBN believes that presenting new and existing opera in the class room provides a unique forum for multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural pursuits.

Call - (864) 388-7800 to reserve seat 
(NOTE: seating is limited for this event, so ADVANCE RESERVATION IS REQUIRED)

Event Contact: 388-7800 or 

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